Blue Dragon Rescue Appeal 2018

Rescue children in crisis

Blue Dragon Rescue Appeal 2018

Rescue children in crisis

Children in Vietnam need your help

Human trafficking and slavery are a major threat to children’s safety. Children who are homeless face dangers and suffer harm that no child should have to deal with.

Every day, Blue Dragon meets children on the streets of Hanoi and receives calls for rescue from families and victims of human trafficking.

In the past year, Blue Dragon has met 104 street children and rescued 143 children and young people from trafficking.

We now need to get ready for the coming 12 months, so that children in crisis can get the help they need.

We can face this challenge together

Blue Dragon’s frontline work rescuing children in crisis is an essential service. Calls for help have risen 150% over last year.

While doing this on-the-ground work, we changed Vietnamese law so that it protects boys from sexual abuse and we trained over 4,000 police and officials so that they can also rescue more people. 

And behind us at all times, holding us up and making it all possible, are the people around the world who give their money and time: people just like you.

You can help

We must prepare to rescue and support at least 550 more children in the coming 12 months, and we can’t do it without you. By joining the Rescue Appeal 2018 and making a donation today, you will be a part of the child’s transformational journey.

Here’s what your contribution will do:

Help Us Transform Lives!








$70 will send a child in a rural village to school for one year

$100 will provide emergency shelter for a child in crisis

$200 will reunite a child on the streets with their family

$500 will rescue a child trafficked into labour exploitation

$3000 will rescue a girl sold into sex trafficking

Blue Dragon Rescue Appeal - A child living on a bridge is being pulled up, and rescued
Rescue icon

Rescue children from human trafficking

Every day Blue Dragon receives calls to rescue girls and boys from sexual slavery and labour exploitation, and in 2018 the calls for help are on the rise.

Your gift will enable the rescue of children from commercial sex work, forced ‘marriages’, and homelessness.  

Blue Dragon Rescue Appeal - A Blue Dragon girl being counselled
Support icon

Psychosocial support

Immediately following a rescue, psychological counselling is essential for the girls and boys to begin their healing.  The children need help to recover and reintegrate back into their community.

Your gift will ensure the delivery of individualised psychosocial support to children who have survived trafficking and exploitation.

Blue Dragon Rescue Appeal - A girl is being taught by a Blue Dragon volunteer
Care icon

Care and safety, for the long-term

Once a child is safe in our care, Blue Dragon’s work has just begun. Survivors of trafficking need shelter, medical attention, food, education, and support to restart their lives.

Your gift will give a child all they need to face the world again after a crisis.

Yes, I want to help children in crisis!

Give a Monthly Donation

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Give a Single Donation

info iconYour one-time donation will help children in crisis by providing care and essential services.

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