We must raise $192,000 by 15 July to guarantee that Blue Dragon can start the essential
work needed to get more kids out of danger and into recovery in the coming year

All the money raised is going to rescue kids in serious crisis, get them to safety, and look after them
for the long term. We really appreciate any size donation, big or small, towards this cause.
Here’s what we will do in 2013-2014 with your support

1. Rescue at least 70 trafficked children from sweatshops in Ho Chi Minh City
2. Rescue at least 15 trafficked girls from Chinese brothels
3. Reunite at least 50 runaway children with their families
4. Provide nutrition, dedicated social workers and a warm environment to keep kids safe
5. Provide ongoing counselling, emergency accommodation and health care to kids in crisis
6. Provide education and training for 200 more children
7. Serve at least 10,000 meals to street children
8. Build 5 houses for impoverished families
9. Provide clothing for at least 200 children
10. Provide safe accommodation for at least 60 children

Need more information? Read Kids in danger or contact julienne@bdcf.org