American Donors

Blue Dragon is a registered 501(c3) charity! Your donation will be tax deductible

Option 1. Paypal or Credit/Debit cards

Option 2. Cheque

Payable to ‘Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation USA’;

Please send to PO Box 620967, Littleton, CO 80162, USA

This is a great way to reduce our admin costs. If you have a cheque facility, especially schools which don’t require tax deductibility, we really appreciate this payment method!

Option 3. Bank transfer

Bank name: Wells Fargo Bank, N.A
Bank address: 420 Montgomery, San Francisco, CA 94104
Account name: Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation USA
Account number: 5027036580
Routing: 121000248
Account type: Savings

If you are making a bank transfer, drop us a line at so that we can send you the receipt.

How you can help

Meals for a homeless child for 1 month

Counselling & health check for 1 trafficked girl

Shelter, clothing, care for a child at risk of exploitation for 1 month

Rescue a child living on the streets

Rescue a girl trafficked to the sex trade