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After a year of mounting hardship because of COVID-19, children in Vietnam are leaving school, becoming homeless and being sold into sexual exploitation.

A helping hand today can shatter these risks and build opportunities for children to thrive tomorrow.


Your donation will save lives.

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Give Vietnamese children a new chance

Children in Vietnam are running out of time. Since the pandemic began, thousands of children and families have been living in survival mode. Poverty has forced many to make a dangerous choice: leave home in the hope of finding work, or stay home with no hope.

As a result, 50% more children are sleeping rough on the streets of Hanoi, and three times more women and girls need Blue Dragon’s assistance to return home after being trafficked.

Children and youth are in a race against time with slavery and hunger.

You can keep them safe.

Help Kim heal from trauma

Although she’s just 14 years old, Kim was desperate to find work.

Coming from a very poor ethnic village, Kim’s parents had to constantly stretch whatever little they had to make ends meet.

When the pandemic hit and jobs started to vanish, the family’s resources began shrinking. Eventually, there was simply nothing left to stretch, and Kim had to leave school to look for work.

Someone took advantage of Kim’s desperation to lure her into a trap. The teenager thought she was going to work in a factory nearby, but found herself exploited in a karaoke bar that was a front for prostitution.

Her nightmare ended when one of the girls trapped with her managed to call for help. But many more girls and young women are in similar situations; new calls for help keep coming.

Your gift today will bring girls like Kim back to safety, ensure their recovery, and pave their way towards bright futures.

Save girls from trafficking, and help them build bright futures

You have the power to save lives

Here’s how far your money will go:

keeps a child safely in school for 2 weeks.

provides an Emergency Response Package: shelter, meals, and counselling.

provides a health check and medical treatment for a sick child.

supplies a Home Business Starter Kit for families to raise chickens or open a small shop.

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