Special Appeal

Urgent assistance needed
to rescue and care for victims of human trafficking


Blue Dragon is receiving more calls for help than ever before from people who have been trafficked and sold into slavery.

For the first time ever, we are nearing our capacity to respond.

These calls for help must not go unanswered.

You have the power to save their lives.

Tam was sold to a brothel at the age of 15.

She was targeted by traffickers who promised her an easy job in a restaurant. Desperate to survive, her mother agreed. She could not have known that her young daughter would be sold into sexual slavery instead.

Tam is one of hundreds of people who have called for Blue Dragon to help.

We urgently need your help to bring them home.

Women, men, and even children like Tam are being targeted by traffickers who trick them with promises of jobs but instead sell them into slavery.

Forced marriages in China.

Violent brothels in northern Myanmar.

Slave labour in Cambodia and Laos.

Exploitation on city streets in Vietnam.

The global economic slowdown has put massive pressure on people in poverty.

Desperation to survive makes people vulnerable. With jobs few and far between, traffickers are taking advantage.

Blue Dragon rescue operations are running around the clock, but our resources are stretched to breaking point.

We urgently need donations to continue this life-saving work.

will give an Emergency package of safe accommodation, meals and counselling.

will pay a vocational training for a victim to rebuild her life.

will provide health care, basic clothing, and reunite a child with their family.

will rescue a trafficking victim from slavery.

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Celebrate with us!

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