100% of street kids

are hungry and undernourished

Living on the streets means a daily struggle to survive, having to scavenge, beg or even steal food. Your donation will provide healthy hot lunches to kids who desperately need nourishment.

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Healthy meals for 2 weeks $30

Healthy meals for 1 month $60

Healthy meals for 3 months $180

Healthy meals for 6 months$ 360




Sex trade trafficking

has lasting effects

Blue Dragon rescues girls trafficked to the sex trade in China. Your donation will provide essential crisis care and the long-term support the girls need to recover from their trauma and rebuild their lives.

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Meal packs for 2 kids $25

School packs for 2 kids $35

Bedding packs for 2 kids $75

Bunk bed for 2 kids $100

to buy 50 fans, water filters and electric wire



When the roof is falling in,

children are in danger

Poor families without secure housing live on the streets or in slums. Your donation will go into a fund to build at least 6 houses to keep children off the streets, out of workplaces and away from danger.

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40 km/25 miles to safety for $40

80 km/50 miles to safety for $80

160 km/100 miles to safety for $100

300 km/186 miles to safety for $ 300