The note

Blue Dragon has rescued dozens of Vietnamese girls and young women who have been trafficked to China for sale to the sex industry.

Normally, we receive a call for help from a girl who has been taken over the border by deception, sold to a brothel or as a bride, and has managed to get her hands on a mobile phone to call home. We will then go in search, arrange a rescue from the place of enslavement, and bring her home.

This week, we have a new case that is unlike any before.

A Chinese citizen in Quang Xi province was approached on the street by a terrified Vietnamese girl who handed him a note.

In English and Vietnamese, she had written out her cry for help:

I am Vietnamese
I [want to go home] to Viet Nam
My name is Sung
I am 17 year old

To her incredible good fortune, the local person took her to the police, who rang their superiors, who in turn rang Blue Dragon in Vietnam. We were able to speak with her by phone to verify her story.

Sung was taken by a young man posing as her boyfriend. She thought they were going on a fun weekend journey and was excited to have a couple of days away from school; he had a plan to sell her to a brothel. It's a story we've heard too many times.

But Sung saw an opportunity to escape, and made a run for it. We don't yet know all the details, but she's safe and, apparently, physically unharmed.

Today the Blue Dragon team will head in to China to pick her up and bring her home.

Young Sung has been through a horrible ordeal. Even though she escaped, there is always damage done when someone is sold by a person they trusted and loved. For Sung, the one saving grace is knowing how far, far worse this could have turned out.