Blue Dragon Walk

Join the Blue Dragon Walk to keep children and families safe from human trafficking.

Get moving for a great cause

When a community comes together, thousands of lives change.

All money raised from the Walk will…

Rescue people from modern day slavery.

Provide psychological care for people recovering from exploitation.

Keep kids in school and training.

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Protect communities from human trafficking via training and small-business startups.

Be part of our community of wonderful walkers

The Blue Dragon Walk is a global event, organised together with our friends at The Intrepid Foundation. Every year, thousands of people across the world get involved, strap on their boots and transform lives one step at a time.

From international corporations, to schools and individuals people of all backgrounds come together united by a desire to support disadvantaged people and end human trafficking.

Wherever you are, whether you like to walk individually, join a team or organise your own walk event (big or small), you can make a real difference.

Organise a walk in your community

Bring your family, friends and colleagues together while walking for children and families in need.

We will guide you on how to organise, communicate and fundraise for the event. Register now to make it happen!

“I’ve always wanted to help disadvantaged kids and I saw the impact I could have through the Walk. In the first year only two friends joined me but this year there were twenty of us.”

- Hang, a mother who gave birth to her son less than a year before she organised a walk in Japan in 2023.

If you are interested in organising a Blue Dragon Walk in your community, fill out your details below and we’ll be in touch soon.

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“I remember how grateful I am to be in my situation. Some kids my age, or even younger, are struggling each day and I wanted to help!”

- 11-year-old Williem on his second 21 km walk in Melbourne last year.

Join the Walk wherever you are

Wherever you are.

However far you want to walk.

Walking solo or starting a team.

A gentle meander or a full marathon.

You’ll be changing lives!

If you’re unsure where to start, you can reach out anytime. Just send us an email at

This year marks 20 years of Blue Dragon transforming lives in Vietnam. With you walking alongside us, we’re going to continue rescuing more trafficking victims, sending more children to school, and helping more families build a brighter future.

Join us!

Celebrate with us!

Celebrate with us!

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