The first street kid we met in 2003 asked for English lessons to attract better-paying foreign shoeshine customers. Other kids needed clothing, medicine, good food – and someone to talk to. Many of the kids loved football, but had no opportunity to join safe, healthy activities. Two boys ended up at the police station and needed support to attend court. Kids needed long-term care, shelter, educational opportunities and escape from their places of slavery.

At Blue Dragon today, we provide all of these services and more, tailored to the individual needs of each child: education, nutrition, health care, counselling, physical and creative activities, rescue, legal advocacy and safe shelter led by our team of social workers, psychologists, teachers and lawyers. The children we work with have a deep commitment to improving their lives. We are proud of their success stories.

Our progams

Step Ahead


Blue Dragon’s Outreach Team and Drop-in Centre are the first contact for children in crisis in Hanoi. We provide emergency care and long-term opportunities to break out of poverty for at least 400 vulnerable children at any one time. Read more…

Stay in School


Blue Dragon provides over 850 rural children from poor families in Bac Ninh, Hue and Dien Bien Provinces who are at high risk of dropping out of school with uniforms, stationery, text books, school bags and school fees. Read more…

Safe and Sound


Blue Dragon has rescued 386 children trafficked for child labour in Vietnam. We return children to their families, provide long-term support, educate communities and assist in prosecuting traffickers. Read more…

Project X


Blue Dragon has rescued 204 young woman trafficked out of Vietnam to the Chinese sex trade direct from their places of slavery. We follow up with all the care needed, from health-checks and counselling to long-term educational support. Read more…

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