Girls who are trafficked to the sex trade

Since 2007, Blue Dragon has been involved in the rescue of Vietnamese girls and young women who have been trafficked to the sex trade. We know of no other agency in Vietnam who directly rescues girls and young women from their places of sexual slavery. The rescues are fraught with danger, as traffickers and brothel owners are ruthless. “If they caught me, they would kill me,” says the Project X rescue team leader.

      1. We respond to a plea, meet the family, locate the girl, and plan the escape.
      • We rescue the girl and bring her back across the border.
      • We provide health checks, counseling, and emergency accommodations.
      • We assist the girls in returning home and reunite them with their families.
      • We work with the girls long-term to provide educational opportunities, training, and ongoing support from our psychologist.
      • We assist authorities in prosecuting the traffickers and we support the victims through the entire process.

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How does Blue Dragon rescue kids?

Trafficked kids

Our work


  • 254 young women directly rescued from brothels and forced marriage and returned home
  • 328 additional young women assisted to return home
  • 12,800 family, school, government and community members reached

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