Children trafficked for child labour: Hue and Dien Bien Provinces

When Michael Brosowski, Blue Dragon’s Founder, met a boy on the street in Ho Chi Minh City selling flowers, he had little idea that this chance meeting would lead to a pioneering anti-trafficking program in Vietnam. Discovering that Thien* had been trafficked from his village in Hue, Michael and a young lawyer set out to return the boy home and support him back to school. It was not long before Blue Dragon staff realised that trafficking for child labour was a deep and far-reaching problem in Vietnam.

Today, the Safe and Sound team works with the Vietnamese police in Hue and Dien Bien Provinces to rescue victims of trafficking for child labour. In Hue, families live in poor fishing villages targeted by traffickers. In Dien Bien, one of the poorest provinces in Vietnam, the majority of families are extremely poor, ethnic minority and scattered across this remote province, making them easy targets for traffickers.

    1. We identify and locate children who have been trafficked
    1. We rescue these children directly out of the sweatshops where they are being held in slavery in Ho Chi Minh City
    1. We ensure trafficked children get home to their families and we offer long-term counselling and school support
    1. We work with families and local authorities to raise awareness about trafficking and child labour
    1. We assist the Vietnamese police to prosecute the traffickers and support victims through the process

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How does Blue Dragon rescue kids?

Trafficked kids

Our work


  • 392 trafficked girls and boys directly rescued from slave labour
  • 327 additional children and young adults assisted to return home
  • 12,800 family, school, government and community members reached

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