Street kids and children with disabilities

Our dedicated team of Vietnamese social workers, lawyers, psychologists, teachers and residential care staff offers a comprehensive range of services to children in crisis and their families.

      1. The Outreach Team: Offering crisis care to kids on the street day and night, from emergency shelter and health care, to food, clothes or a shoulder to cry on.
      1. Reunion: Bringing runaways home and working with families to ensure children are safe.
      1. Shelters: Providing safe accommodation, meals and care in our shelters.
      1. Drop-in Centre: Giving kids a place to play, join activities, learn good behaviour, hang out with friends and meet social workers.
      1. Social work: Developing individual plans that improve outcomes through education, poverty reduction, and psychological and physical health.
      1. Education and training: Getting kids back to education or training as soon as possible; providing individual tutoring, study groups and workshops.
      1. Legal support: Supporting children through the court system, at the police station and to obtain birth certificates and legal documents.
      1. Nutrition: Providing a healthy and nutritious lunchtime meal, sustenance at our shelters and school lunches.
      1. Activities: Blue Dragon United Football Club, swimming lessons, roller-skating and rock-climbing, art classes, competitions and plenty of fun!
      1. Transition: Providing older teenagers and young adults with safe supported accommodation and preparing them for independent living in the future.

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Tu’s story – From shoeshine boy to Iron Chef

Our work


  • 400 children in direct care now
  • Over 2,000 children since 2004
  • Over 10,000 family, school, government and community members reached

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