Who We Are

We’re on a mission to end human trafficking. Join us!

A grassroots charity with a big vision

For over 20 years, Blue Dragon has been a leading agency in Vietnam’s fight against human trafficking.

We don’t want to reduce human trafficking. We want to end it. And we believe that’s possible.

Needs-based, tailored solutions

Human trafficking affects every province of Vietnam. But to stop it, there’s no one-size fits all approach.

Location by location, Blue Dragon addresses the issues that cause human trafficking with holistic, wrap-around services.

Our interventions include:

  • rescue from places of slavery;
  • street outreach to homeless children;
  • microcredit schemes to help families start farms and businesses;
  • building houses and community infrastructure; and
  • establishing long-term systems to keep people safe from trafficking.
Map of Blue Dragon's locations in Vietnam

Provinces around Vietnam where Blue Dragon is working.

Blue Dragon’s History

Early days

In 2002, Australian teacher Michael Brosowski moved to Vietnam where he worked at Hanoi’s National Economics University. Within months, he and several of his students were teaching English and life skills to the city’s shoeshine boys who were trying to earn money just to survive.

Soon the idea for an open football team arose, giving street kids an opportunity to play, meet together and seek help.

The idea for creating Blue Dragon soon became a reality, with the organisation officially registered in 2004.

Michael Brosowski sitting on some grass with 2 children
Blue Dragon was officially registered in 2004.

In 2005, we rescued our first child trafficked for labour exploitation within Vietnam.

Growing and learning

Hanoi’s street kids were all migrants to the city from rice-farming areas, so Blue Dragon developed initiatives to keep impoverished rural children in school.

And then we started coming across the issue of human trafficking. Our first rescue of a child trafficked within Vietnam for labour exploitation was in 2005.

Two years later we rescued 6 girls from a brothel in China.

As we grew, we learned what we were capable of and started to dream of having a much bigger impact for the children of Vietnam…

Darker days

By 2013, calls for help to rescue people from slavery were growing, both within Vietnam and in neighboring countries.

At the same time, our work in Hanoi was turning increasingly to protecting street boys from sexual abuse.

Responding to the needs meant gaining expertise and growing our capacity.

In 2015, Blue Dragon worked with the National Assembly to revise Vietnam’s law on Child Protection. The improved new law led to the arrest of several notorious child abusers – and much safer lives for homeless children.

Our work with kids facing serious crisis continued to grow.

In 2018 we reached the milestone of reuniting 500 homeless children with their families.

In 2020, we completed our 1,000th rescue of a victim of human trafficking.

a girl returning home after being trafficked

Our 1,000th rescue of a person from human trafficking was in 2020.

a group of 4 female vietnamese school students looking at a school book

Leading change

With a vast wealth of experience in protecting children and communities, Blue Dragon started looking at how to ramp up our impact. We have unique insight into how to rescue people from slavery – and also how to stop human trafficking from happening in vulnerable communities.

Today Blue Dragon is applying what we know in provinces and cities around Vietnam, documenting what we learn and sharing it with partners to create a unified force for nationwide change.

A world where every child grows up safe and loved; where we are all free from slavery and exploitation.

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