Annual Reports

Blue Dragon's work with children in crisis is only possible because of support from our friends around the world. Thank you!

2022 – 2023

Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation serves children and young people in crisis all around Vietnam.

Blue Dragon continues to rise to these challenges, finding ways to navigate new complexities, adapt our approaches, and deliver exceptional services and care to some of Vietnam’s most vulnerable children, adults and communities.

The support we receive from across the globe changes so many lives. Knowing that you too support and care for each person we rescue serves as the bright light we need on our darkest days. Because of you, every call for help can be answered.

– Message from the co-CEOs, 2022 – 2023 Annual Report

Blue Dragon and the SDGs

How does Blue Dragon’s work contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals?

You can read the 2023 report here.

Blue Dragon and the SDGs

Our Work

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