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Michael Brosowski, an Australian teacher, arrives in Vietnam to work at Hanoi’s National University. Within months, Michael finds himself teaching English to a group of kids he never expected to meet: shoeshine boys who walked the streets trying to earn enough money to survive.

The story of Blue Dragon - A shoe shine boy living and working on the streets of Hanoi (Blue Dragon)


Enlisting the help of one of his university students, Pham Sy Chung, and a whole lot of friends, Michael teaches weekly classes in English, maths, art and yoga to shoeshine boys, and they start a football team. More and more kids seek their help, and within months the idea for Blue Dragon is born.

The first Blue Dragon residence for six former street kids is established in Hanoi. The boys call their home ‘The Big Room’.

The story of Blue Dragon - Blue Dragon helps keep poor Vietnamese rural children in school


In Bac Ninh province, Blue Dragon launches a sponsorship program to keep poor rural children in school and off the streets of Hanoi.

Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation is officially registered in both Australia and Vietnam.


With just three full time staff, Blue Dragon opens a combined drop-in centre and office in the impoverished Long Bien area of Hanoi. Meanwhile, Michael and a law student volunteering for Blue Dragon rescue a trafficked 13 year old boy from the streets of Ho Chi Minh City, the first of many rescued children.


Blue Dragon holds its first annual Tet Awards, celebrating the Vietnamese Lunar New Year and the achievements of all the children.

The story of Blue Dragon - Blue Dragon children at the Tet Awards


Blue Dragon rescues 6 teenage girls who were trafficked and sold to brothels in China; this is Blue Dragon’s first experience rescuing victims of the sex trade.

Blue Dragon begins supporting the Hoi An Children’s Home, a government-run home in central Vietnam for 30 girls and boys.

The story of Blue Dragon - Vietnamese students hugging in celebration - supported by Blue Dragon


Blue Dragon kids receive training through cooperation with local businesses to become chefs, social workers, beauticians, motorbike mechanics, mobile phone repairers, and salespeople.

Students supported to stay in school achieve excellent results and Blue Dragon starts to see the first students enrolling in university.


A Blue Dragon boy, rescued from labour trafficking in 2006, accepts a scholarship to study for four years at Chatsworth International School in Singapore.

The Stay in School program expands to over 500 children.


Blue Dragon’s weekly soccer team is re-launched as Blue Dragon United Football Club, with a weekly turnout of 60-80 children.

To improve governance, the Australian Blue Dragon committee incorporate to form Blue Dragon International.

The story of Blue Dragon - Blue Dragon United football club team member, a boy, kicking a ball


Blue Dragon reaches a new milestone, with the 100th rescue of a trafficked child.

Blue Dragon’s founder, Michael Brosowski, is named as one of 2011’s CNN Heroes. He was the first Australian to ever receive this accolade.

The Blue Dragon Story - A Vietnamese girl doing school work in a Blue Dragon classroom



Blue Dragon relocates to Dragon House, a new centre housing Blue Dragon’s office, kitchen, classrooms, Drop-in Centre and crisis accommodation.

Michael is awarded a Member of the Order of Australia, an honour that reflects the huge impact of the organisation he co-founded.


Two new residential facilities are established for children in need of a safe home, and for young adults transitioning to lives independent of Blue Dragon. Up to 30 children and youth can be accommodated.

Blue Dragon steps up the fight against human trafficking throughout Vietnam, expanding our work in Hue and Dien Bien provinces.


Blue Dragon’s work in Hanoi turns increasingly toward protecting street children from sexual abuse. Our team works with police and government to arrest offenders and interrupt trafficking rings both within Vietnam and abroad.

The Blue Dragon story - A Vietnamese boy living on the street, in his makeshift shelter, vulnerable to sexual abuse.


Blue Dragon works with the National Assembly to revise Vietnam’s laws on Child Protection while expanding our services to street children.

The Blue Dragon story - Blue Dragon United football kids


Blue Dragon United plays its 2000th game of soccer.

In remote Dien Bien province, Blue Dragon builds a boarding house for students from ethnic minority communities who otherwise could not attend school. 


Blue Dragon opens a new safe house for boys who are unable to live with their own families due to neglect and abuse.

10 years since our first rescue of a teenage girl from slavery, Blue Dragon has rescued 276 girls and young women from forced marriages and brothels in China.


An important milestone is reached: the 500th homeless child is reunited with their family.

Blue Dragon and Vietnam People’s Police Academy begin working together to combat human trafficking.

The Blue Dragon story - A Vietnamese boy living on the street, in his makeshift shelter, vulnerable to sexual abuse.


To tackle human trafficking from the root and in close collaboration with local communities, Blue Dragon expands our work into Ha Giang province.

Blue Dragon leads an initiative to ensure all victims of crime the right to legal representation.

a boy who is homeless warms himself by a fire under an overpass in Hanoi


COVID-19 presented new challenges for vulnerable Vietnamese families. This lead to an influx in human trafficking cases, runaway children, and street kids.

Blue Dragon rescued the 1,000th survivor of human trafficking, a somber milestone in our work.


As Vietnam experiences Covid lockdowns, Blue Dragon scales up rescues of trafficking victims from neighbouring countries, including Myanmar and Cambodia. 



Blue Dragon launches a bold vision to end human trafficking in Vietnam within 10 years.

Co-CEO Skye Maconachie is named as the year’s Most Outstanding Alumni by James Cook University


Today Blue Dragon is working directly with over 20,000 children and families from around Vietnam, transforming the lives of kids in crisis.

Our story continues, and we invite you to be a part of our next chapter.

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