Our Mission & Strategy

Protecting Children and Preventing Human Trafficking
Thao returning home after being trafficked- hugging her mother

Our Mission

Blue Dragon is here to end human trafficking.

Blue Dragon children - safe and loved. Learning to cook.

Our Vision

A world where every child grows up safe and loved; where we are all free from slavery and exploitation.

Blue Dragon - Children deserve a chance in life

What drives us

We believe every child deserves a chance at a great life.

How we put our values into action

Blue Dragon’s work is guided by a belief in:

Respect not pity

Development, not charity

Empowerment, not dependency

Collaboration, not control

Massive interventions, not quick-fix solutions

Our Strategy

While some organisations work “downstream,” providing direct services to needy people…

… and others work “upstream,” focusing on systemic changes such as law reform…

… Blue Dragon works both “downstream” and “upstream” in an integrated strategy that we call “The Whole Stream.”

What we learn from our direct services, such as rescue operations and psychosocial care, feeds into our law reform and community development work… which in turn improves the lives of vulnerable people.

All children have the right to be children: to be safe, to attend school, to play, to be treated with respect, to be heard, to be understood and to be loved.

- Michael Brosowski -

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Celebrate with us!

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