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Michael Brosowski
July 24, 2013

From Michael’s blog

Today Blue Dragon has some good news.

In May, we launched an appeal to grow our crisis work with street kids and victims of human trafficking here in Vietnam; and we’re happy to say that we have raised a touch over $190,000.

There are still some pledges to come in, but it looks like we’ve made it. The goal was $192,000, but we can definitely work with what we’ve got!

This means that over the coming 12 months we’ll have lots to report:

– more kids rescued

– more runaways reunited with their families

– more kids fed and sheltered

– more houses built for families

We aren’t just aiming to do “more”: we have some really specific targets and goals, all of which are “minimums” that we plan to achieve. Hopefully we’ll do even more!  The complete list is on the Blue Dragon website, and during the year we will update the page to let you know how we’re going.

Blue Dragon Website: Appeal Report

To all who have donated: Thank you. Every dollar will be used to resolve major crises in children’s lives. We can’t wait to show you how much we will do!

Celebrate with us!

Celebrate with us!

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