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Michael Brosowski
May 14, 2023

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Before becoming co-CEO at Blue Dragon, Vi Do had various roles within the organisation – including as an outreach worker. Every night, he would walk the streets of Hanoi looking for homeless children in need of a helping hand.

Today’s blog shares a recent post from Vi’s LinkedIn, telling the story of a girl he met on the streets seven years ago who recently returned to Blue Dragon as a final-year university student.

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In life, we meet so many people and we never know how our interaction with them will touch their life.

Seven years ago, I met 15-year-old Minh on the streets of Hanoi. She was having a difficult time at home and didn’t know what to do. So she left home to give herself time and space to think through her problems.

As an outreach worker and former street kid, I knew how dangerous life on the streets can be. Getting Minh to safety and then reunited with her family was the most important thing I could do. And fortunately, with some counselling and support, she and her family were able to work through their problems.

Earlier this week, I was so happy to meet up with Minh once again. She’s now in the final months of a Communications and Journalism degree at university. Remembering her experience with Blue Dragon as a teenager, she wanted to write an article about us for her major final project.

Journalism student and former Blue Dragon kid, Minh

Vi and Minh at Blue Dragon

It’s amazing to think that just a little help made such a difference. Without help, Minh’s life could have followed a very different path. But now she’s a happy, independent young woman setting out on an important career where she can help many others.

Something that she said when we met was really important to me:

“Blue Dragon helped me more than just giving me safe accommodation and resolving some personal problems. You gave me faith and drive to overcome difficulties. I am very grateful and will always remember those who helped me when I needed it most.”

When we care for someone in need, we never know the impact it will have on their life. Meeting Minh reminds me that we should never hesitate to help those around us.

Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation works in Vietnam to protect kids from trafficking and exploitation.

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