Whatever happened to the Blue Dragon blog..?

Michael Brosowski
January 22, 2015

From Michael’s blog lifeisalongstory.com

It’s been a month since I have been active on my blog. Time to admit that I have been very slack!

There’s been a lot happening here in Vietnam over Christmas and new year, with rescues and police operations as well as the less visible but equally important growth among the Blue Dragon kids day by day. Much of our work in recent months has been focused on intervening in crises of all kinds: from kids being attacked on the streets to pedophiles luring children away from us over Facebook to girls being sold into brothels in China.

My lack of writing doesn’t reflect a lack of action – quite the reverse! But I need to start getting literate again. No excuses!

This year my blog will take on a new shape, but I am still planning things out. For now: I will get back to writing each Monday, and continuing to shares stories from the streets of Vietnam. Sign up to get new posts delivered straight to your email!

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