Sponsor A Student

Your support will create future leaders.
Like you, Blue Dragon believes that education is the key to creating a better life and a better world.

When a disadvantaged child finishes school, your sponsorship provides a scholarship to attend college and university.

Without this support, their education would be over – simply because they were born into poverty.

A sponsorship of $55 a month fully pays for course fees, textbooks and stationery, and provides a basic living allowance. Your sponsored student will take part in short courses on career preparation, financial literacy, and CV writing to help prepare for the world of work.

And after graduation, we ask students who are able to repay up to 50% of their scholarship over 4 years, interest free, to contribute to the education of other young people.

Sponsor a University Student - Students at university, presenting

You will receive:

  • Personal update about your sponsored students.
  • Academic results of your sponsored students.
  • Photos of the student you will be supporting.

Sponsorship changes lives.

Blue Dragon - a student sponsored to go to school

Liem grew up in an impoverished fishing village in central Vietnam. When she was in Grade 7, she had to leave her little village and give up school.

Because Liem’s family was desperately poor, at the age of 13 she moved to the city to earn an income. There, Liem fell prey to labour exploitation.

For a whole year, the teen girl was trapped in modern day slavery. Blue Dragon rescued Liem and, thanks to her sponsor, she returned to school. Blue Dragon invited her to take part in many extra-curricular activities, where she made new friends and learned about important issues like human trafficking.

Liem studied hard and developed a love for the arts, which she believed would be a means for her to spread a message of peace and hope, and to raise awareness against human trafficking.

After years of hard work, Liem fulfilled her dream of graduating from university and is proud to hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Arts. As a sponsor, you can give students like Liem the chance in life that they deserve.

Blue Dragon - Graduation

Other sponsorship options

Blue Dragon - children in the countryside

Change Lives Through Education

You’ll be helping children to break the cycle of poverty.

Blue Dragon -group activity for teen girls

Empower Teen Girls

Provide educational support and life skills training for girls from disadvantaged communities.

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