Empower Teen Girls

Provide educational support, mentoring and life skills to disadvantaged girls.

Join a global community that is empowering disadvantaged girls to realise their potential and achieve their dreams.

Teenage girls from impoverished families are at a disproportionately high risk of being trafficked, dropping out of school, and being pushed into early marriage.

To break this cycle, your sponsorship will provide tuition, life skills classes, vocational training, career preparation workshops and psychological support to teenage girls in impoverished communities.

Your sponsorship will go further than meeting basic needs. You will be helping young women build self-confidence and self-esteem, to realise their potential and be in control of their own lives.

To Empower Teen Girls, you are invited to donate any monthly amount that you choose. On average, sponsors contribute $36 per month, with a range from $10 to $50.

Sponsor girl empowerment - Girls participating in workshop

You will receive:

  • Quarterly updates about the impact you are having.
  • Stories and photos of the girls whose lives you are changing.
Blue Dragon - a student from a girl empowerment group in Dien Bien

Lau lives in an impoverished mountain community in northern Vietnam. The area is known for its local tradition of girls marrying while they are still children. It’s also a hotspot for human trafficking.

Our first impression when we met Lau was her bright eyes, her beaming smile, and the excitement in her voice when she talked about her personal project to support disadvantaged students and families.

Lau lives with her mother who is the family’s only breadwinner, but has a serious medical condition. Before sponsorship, Lau was very shy and rarely participated in activities because she had to take care of her mother.

Then, her teachers and social worker encouraged her to participate in one of Blue Dragon’s workshops. Lau was curious about the things discussed in that workshop. It wasn’t only about leadership, but also teamwork, creativity, anti-human trafficking, and empowerment to other students like Lau in her boarding school.

“The workshops about building confidence, leadership, anti-human trafficking, and many more activities from Blue Dragon at my school have changed me.”

She is now leading a project to sell leftover food to local farmers at the school canteen. For more than a year, the revenue from this activity has been used to support disadvantaged students in her school. Lau also encourages other students to join and hopes to pass the team spirit to the younger students, so the project can keep going when she graduates from high school.

This school year, Lau and her teacher came up with the idea of using traditional herbal medicines to help women like her mother, especially for maternity care. She presented the project in the inter school STEM fair and the provincial STEM competition.

The support Lau has received from her sponsors hasn’t only impacted her, she’s transforming her entire community!

Blue Dragon - students in Dien Bien joining a STEM fair

As a sponsor, you will transform lives of girls in remote areas in Vietnam, protect them from the risk of human trafficking and give them opportunities they deserve!

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