15 year old victim escaped from sexual slavery

December 16, 2017

‘L​y’ and her parents ​​broke down in tears the moment they saw each other.

It has been over a year since the family was torn apart by human trafficking. ​Fifteen year old L​y was deceived by an aunty who sold her into sexual slavery​ across the border in China​. She was re-sold and traded several times before being rescued by the Chinese police.

Ly’s parents have spent every moment of the last year waiting to hear that their daughter is alive. That news finally came to them this week.

Blue Dragon traveled to the border to help ​L​y cross back into Vietnam.​ ​She is now ​safe in our care​,​ receiving counselling and treatment until she is ready to return home.

Ly’s loving parents are by her side every minute and every step of the way, but they too are overwhelmed by all that has happened.

You can join us to bring more families back together by taking part in the Blue Dragon Red Stocking Christmas campaign. 

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