15 Years for Children in Crisis

October 30, 2019

The first 15 years of our life are a time for childhood.

The first 15 years of Blue Dragon have been our formative years as well. We have met many vulnerable youth who were robbed of their own childhood, and we’ve made it our mission to give back those lost years and restore dignity in their lives.

We’ve reunited 10-year-old street vendors with their families, rescued 13-year-olds from child labour at garment factories, and helped over 900 women and girls escape from exploitation and abuse.

It’s official

This November marks 15 years since Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation became an officially registered organisation – even though we were working for over a year before we had that ‘official’ documentation.

In that time, Blue Dragon has grown to transform lives. What began as two volunteers teaching English to shoeshine boys is now a passionate team of social workers, psychologists, lawyers, and teachers who are dedicated to changing lives.

Having started in the streets of Hanoi, today Blue Dragon works around the country, from the cities to the mountains and the rural provinces, to keep children in school with a chance of a real childhood.

By treating every child with compassion and respect, we hope to guide their future towards similar values.

A growing impact

Since the first child we met who ran away from home, Blue Dragon has reunited over 500 street kids with their families.

Since that first boy who was forced to sell flowers on the street, Blue Dragon has rescued more than 900 children and women trafficked into child labour and sex slavery.

Since the first children whose textbooks, school supplies, and school fees we covered, Blue Dragon now supports hundreds of students a year: more than 5,000 children have returned to study with our helping hand.

All of this is possible thanks to you – Blue Dragon volunteers, partners, donors, and supporters who climb mountains, run miles, and reach out, devoting their skills, sharing their time, and showing their commitment to making a difference in a child’s life.

There is no anniversary or grand celebration at hand, because no matter how long we have been here, Blue Dragon’s work is an ongoing journey.

As members of our community, you are invited to follow along on social media during November as we share the moments, stories, and milestones we’ve accomplished together.

Thank you for being part of these incredible 15 years of changing lives, and looking forward to our journey together.

Celebrate with us!

Celebrate with us!

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