5 Cambodian Trafficked Survivors Now Home

October 25, 2016

It was a very long 30 day wait for the 3 Cambodian girls who were cared for by Blue Dragon. They were joined in the middle of their stay by another 2 girls, all trafficked by the same ring. The traffickers had used Vietnam as a transit country, intending for these 5 girls to be sold in China, the youngest of whom is just 17 years old. It took some weeks for both the Cambodian and Vietnamese governments to sort out the framework to extradite the girls home officially as this was the first such case encountered by the authorities. In that time, the girls wanted to do something useful.  So they embroidered – and did so beautifully. They gave two pieces to Blue Dragon. They are now safely home and we will remember their smiles, tears and gentleness.

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