A 16 year old trafficking survivor is now safe

May 8, 2018

16 year old ‘Sao’ left school at Grade 9 to support her parents with the farm work. She got to know a man over Facebook and after chatting online for a while, he asked Sao to go out on a date. Like any other teenager, Sao was excited about meeting her new friend. But the young man had other intentions.

Sao was taken to a house where she was locked in with some other girls. She had no idea where she was, and had no way to call for help. After nearly 10 days, Sao was sold to a Chinese man as a bride.

Despite the terrifying situation, Sao didn’t give up. She found a way to call her mother in Vietnam for help, and when the information reached Blue Dragon we set in motion a plan to rescue Sao.

Right now, Sao is safe in Blue Dragon’s care. She is gradually healing and receiving both counselling and legal support through this time. In the coming days, Blue Dragon will assist Sao to return to her loving family.

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