A Blue Dragon teen heading toward a bright future

March 8, 2018

Like many families along the Red River, Dan’s family has always lived in hardship. But while his friends were dropping out of school and getting into trouble, Dan has chosen a different path.

Seven years ago, Dan joined Blue Dragon’s Football Club where he could play the sport he loved. He learnt how to work hard, show a positive attitude and become more confident to express himself. Last summer, he joined in a career preparation course at Blue Dragon and chose to learn how to become a barista, completing the course with great commitment and again showing a positive attitude.

This week Dan is proudly representing his school to compete in an annual vocational training competition. No matter if he brings back any medals, Dan has already won a bigger prize: overcoming his own disadvantaged background to find and pursue his dreams.

Blue Dragon football activity

Blue Dragon United football club

Celebrate with us!

Celebrate with us!

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