A brave escape

January 4, 2019

At age 24, ‘Duong’ was a single mother in central Vietnam. She was once married, and had a child, but then her and her husband divorced.

After her divorce, Duong started dating another man, and after almost two years he invited her on a holiday to China. Having spent so much time with him, Duong had no reason not to trust him.

But as soon as they crossed over the border, Duong realised she had been deceived as she was sold into a forced marriage.

Duong missed her child like crazy. So after almost one year of being trapped in her “husband’s” house, she was desperate to be free. At 3am, she used a rope to escape from the second floor of the house, and ran for two hours until she found someone who helped her to the local police station.

On Christmas day, Blue Dragon received the call for help and brought Duong back to Vietnam, and into safe accommodation. After some care and support, she felt ready to go back home to her family.

This photo shows the moment she was reunited with her mother and her young child. Duong still has a long road ahead of her, but with her family by her side, she can do anything.


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