A special fashion show by some special kids

January 8, 2018
Throughout December and January, Blue Dragon has been running a series of very special fashion shows in Hanoi. 
The stars of the show have not been models or actors – they’ve been children with physical and intellectual disabilities, and the excited audience has been family members cheering them on. 
Kids with special needs

Special fashion show for kids with special needs

Blue Dragon’s work with children who have disabilities has two main areas of focus. 
First, we do all we can to give the kids their best chance at a fulfilling, happy life, like all children deserve. 
And second, we aim to build up the child’s relationships within their own family. Blue Dragon’s external support can help for some years, but a family is forever. Helping parents to understand their children’s special needs and learn how to care for them ensures long-term success for the whole family. 
The fashion shows of the past month have been both hilarious and inspiring. Parents and children together have been having a raucous time designing their outfits, practicing their performances, and taking to the stage to cheers and laughter.   
It is a great joy to see families which face such daily hardships able to simply enjoy each other and have fun together.​ And we believe that the benefits of these great moments really will last a lifetime.
Celebrate with us!

Celebrate with us!

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