A tearful reunion

August 9, 2019

17-year-old “Xuan” thought she would never see her mother again after spending nearly 5 years of her life enslaved in a forced marriage in China. 

As a teenager, Xuan ran away many times to escape from problems at home. One day she met a woman who promised her a well-paying job in the city. Knowing no better, she decided to take the woman up on the offer in the belief that her life could only get better. 

However, when she went with the woman she was taken over the Chinese border and sold to a Chinese man. Xuan’s hopes of a better life were whisked away, right in front of her eyes. She hated every minute of her new life and she was treated very badly. Xuan risked her life to run away, but instead was captured and sold to another man. 

Xuan’s chance of freedom came when she met a Vietnamese woman living in China. The woman helped her to contact her family who then contacted the police. When Blue Dragon received the call for help we rescued Xuan and reunited her with her family. 

As soon as Xuan saw her mother they both burst into tears of relief and happiness to see each other again. 

It will be a long road to recovery, but with her mother by her side Xuan has the support she needs to overcome the trauma and rebuild her life. 

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