Abused and traumatized: Hoa’s healing journey

March 13, 2020

Hoa’schildhood was taken away from her by her own father, who sexually abused her when she was 13 years old. Now aged 15, Hoa remains determined to overcome trauma. 

Hoa was born to a very poor family and has several siblings. Despite being terrified, when her father abused her Hoa gathered the courage to speak up. Coming from a small rural town with a very close-knit community, word of what had happened quickly spread. 

Hoa’s courage was repaid with rejection

Once the incident became known, Hoa, her siblings and her mother had to face a second torment. Hoa’s paternal grandmother, whom they lived with, threw them out of the family house as soon as she heard, forcing her mother to provide and care for her children by herself.

It was around that time, back in 2018, when Hoa’s situation was introduced to Blue Dragon. After discussing it with her mother, Hoa moved into one of Blue Dragon’s safe homes, where she was protected from harmful gossip, accepted and loved, and could get the care she needed. There, she could focus on healing and going back to school.

Now Hoa is about to graduate from secondary school. She has worked very hard, both on her studies and on her recovery, through psychological counselling she receives at Blue Dragon. But her experience of sexual abuse will leave life-long scars.

Hoa still experiences symptoms of trauma. Her mother worries she will struggle to help her daughter once she returns home after finishing her secondary education.

All flowers need the opportunity to flourish

Hoa’s given name is not really Hoa. For her to keep control over her story and begin healing, it is essential that her privacy and identity remain private. Her pseudonym, however, wasn’t chosen lightly.

In Vietnamese, “hoa” means flower. We chose this alias because we believe that Hoa has the right to flourish. Just like any child, she has the right to heal, to grow, and to be cared for, so she can reach her full potential. And to do that, Hoa needs your support.

How can YOU help Hoa?

Hoa is one of many children and young adults in Blue Dragon’s care who URGENTLY need specialised, ongoing care.

Like Hoa, some are survivors of sexual abuse; others were street children who fell prey to gangs and drug abuse while they were homeless. As a result of these experiences, they have developed severe chronic illnesses, such as tuberculosis or HIV, or serious mental health issues.

Right now we have an opportunity to raise the money needed to care for these very special children. This fundraising campaign will ensure Hoa and others like her have an opportunity to heal.

Will you give Hoa the opportunity to heal? Donate here:


Your gift will be DOUBLED

Thanks to the matching donations of the Healing Hands Foundation, every dollar donated will become two, and so your gift will have a double impact on the lives of Hoa and many other children.

For all who believe that all survivors of sexual abuse and sufferers of chronic childhood illnesses should have the opportunity to heal, here is a chance to get involved and help.


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