Acceptance speech by Van Ta at the Anti-Trafficking Hero Award ceremony of the Trust Women Conference

November 19, 2015

Today, I have received the Anti-trafficking Hero Award from the Thomson Reuter Foundation. It is an honor to receive this award on behalf of Blue dragon’s team.

First and foremost, I would like thank the Blue Dragon team, who are always on my side, always available to respond to the call for help from victims and myself. They have sacrificed their time with their family and time for themselves in order to serve and assist the victims whenever they need. Without their support, much of our work would be impossible. They are heroes of Vietnamese kids and heroes of mine.

This award is for you, team! You deserve it! I am very lucky and honored to be a part of the hero team.

I also would like to thank the victims who we have served and will continue to serve. This award is for them. I feel humbled in the face of what they have suffered. They have been in slavery but their strength and bravery have helped them to go through the darkest part of their life. To them, every day is a battle fighting those enduring pains. You are not a survivor, you are a hero!

I dedicate this award for the victims who are still suffering from brothels, factories, forced marriage and other form of slavery. I would like to say that: please keep your hope alive, we will find you and we will continue to fight for your freedom.

Thank you very much!

Click here to read more about our anti-trafficking work!

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