Another girl home safe and sound

October 9, 2015

Returning victims of sex trade trafficking safely home has got to be one of the best parts of our work at Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation. This weekend, we reunited a 17 year old girl with her grandmother after a two hour flight, five hour car ride and 20 minute boat ride to get to her remote village!

Her story is a typical one. Her parents died when she was a child and she lived with her grandmother in a tent by the river. Every year their home flooded. The girl was desperate to earn extra money. A woman she knew convinced her to travel away for a “well-paid job”. This turned out to be a Chinese brothel, from which she luckily escaped.

When she walked into her village, her neighbours were stunned as she was believed to have died. Her grandmother was completely overcome. Many tears and hugs were shared.

We will be supporting her to obtain her legal papers and find a vocational training course that she can use to earn a steady income in her home province. It won’t be an easy journey, but with support, we feel confident she is going to have a much better future.

Celebrate with us!

Celebrate with us!

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