Appointment of co-CEO

January 13, 2020

Blue Dragon is pleased to announce the appointment of Skye Maconachie to the newly created role of co-CEO.

Skye has a long history at Blue Dragon. She first came as a volunteer in 2003. As a result, she returned many times over the next 12 years, either as a self-funded volunteer or via Australian government programs.

In 2016, Skye joined us full-time with a special focus on staff and program development. Her new role is a natural extension of this, giving her responsibility for programs and child safeguarding.

As co-CEO, Skye works with Blue Dragon founder Michael Brosowski who continues as a co-CEO with more focus on strategy and funding. Sharing executive leadership allows more specialisation, and is designed to help us achieve better outcomes. This team approach to leadership is a pioneering step for international charities in Vietnam.

In the coming years we hope to develop the model further. We are always looking for ways to increase our impact and to stay agile.

Celebrate with us!

Celebrate with us!

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