Bound for Australia

August 1, 2023

Some wonderful news: Blue Dragon boy Lan is on his way to Langports College in Brisbane, Australia, to study English on a 12 month scholarship! 

Aged 18 now, Lan was 6 years old when he first came to Blue Dragon. He was living in Hanoi with his father, whose income from selling flowers outside a funeral home was so sparse that Lan couldn’t even afford to go to kindergarten.

Introduced by a friend to Blue Dragon, Lan instantly loved the opportunities to play, learn and grow. At first he found it challenging to fit in with other children, because his own social circle until that time had been so limited. But once he felt safe and had people to support him, Lan started to shine as a caring, intelligent boy with a flair for creativity. 

Lan has now finished High School, graduating with great results, and has taught himself videography and graphic design on computers at Blue Dragon.

A full scholarship by the Langports Foundation means that Lan will now take another huge step in life. He will be the 8th Blue Dragon student to study at Langports, each on a generous scholarship that covers all expenses for a full year. 

Lan sums up his excitement: “This is a huge opportunity for me to develop myself. I want to communicate in English because it will give me access to a huge resource to study. This will help me get closer to my dream of becoming a graphic designer.”

All of Blue Dragon wishes Lan well. His scholarship begins in August 2023, and we will be excited to welcome him home in July 2024.

And of course, a huge thank you to Langports for this life-changing opportunity!

If you happen to be in Brisbane, you have an opportunity to get to know Lan in person this Friday. Lan will be sharing his story alongside our staff member Kim Miller, who is training to swim the English Channel. Inspiration all around!

More details here!  

Celebrate with us!

Celebrate with us!

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