Canadian Pedophile Sentenced to 4 years in Prison

January 13, 2016

The Canadian pedophile preying on boys in Hanoi has just been sentenced at the first hearing to 4 years in prison. Our legal team requested a higher sentence and deportation to take place after the prison sentence is served and this was granted by the court.

Although the 4 year sentence may seem light in some countries, this is the first case of its kind here. The Vietnamese authorities have managed to catch and imprison this pedophile who has been abusing children and youth in South Korea, Cambodia and Vietnam. The sentencing took place without the families or children needing to be present. They did not have to revisit their trauma.

We are so relieved that he is no longer a threat to vulnerable children but our work will not stop here. There is so much more to be done in preventing and prosecuting those who prey on vulnerable children. We thank everyone for their support during this time.

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