Deported to Vietnam at last

August 10, 2016

The days of 40 year old ‘Hang’ selling girls like cattle are finally over. Thanks to information from 2 survivors rescued by Blue Dragon, Hang has finally been arrested and deported to Vietnam from China.

Hang lived with her Chinese husband and children in an area where there were many factories employing Vietnamese women. She would strike up friendships with them and invite them to her home for meals. Their loneliness made them perfect targets for her false hospitality. Little did they know that the selfies they took would end up on the internet where Hang would try to find a buyer. Once a price was agreed and the deal was struck, Hang would take the girls ‘shopping’. However, the only person who did any shopping was the man who paid Hang for his ‘bride’. She cannot profit from the misery of these girls anymore.

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