Follow your passion, and success will follow you

May 3, 2019

23-year-old “Ly” has always wanted to be a doctor. Ever since she was young, she loved playing dress ups: always choosing the white laboratory coat and playing doctors.

Growing up in an impoverished family in central Vietnam, Ly didn’t think university was an option. Her parents work in the fishing industry earning a meager income. With four children to support, the family often faces financial difficulties. Ly was at risk of dropping out of high school. But luckily, thanks to the support from a sponsor, her school fees and supplies were covered so she could stay in school.

After finishing high school, she was excited to find out about Blue Dragon’s tertiary scholarships. In 2016 Ly started university, and began pursuing her childhood dream of becoming a doctor. With the scholarship, the cost of her university course, textbooks, stationery, and a basic living allowance is covered. When Ly finishes her degree, she will pay back part of the scholarship over time, so that other students in a similar situation can have the same opportunity as her.

“Since I started university my family is so proud of me. They are my biggest motivation to continue studying and get a good job one day!” said Ly, who loves going to university. Every day is different. She loves the enthusiastic yet collaborative teaching style, and learning new professional and clinical skills.

“I’ve wanted to become a doctor for as long as I can remember. I always wished I could keep my family healthy and protect them from any illnesses. I also want to help my community by making sure there are free health services, especially for those who cannot afford it.”

Over the past few years Ly has honed her study skills. Ly said:” Sometimes I find it difficult to stay focused. But I’ve managed to set up a study schedule and learnt what works for me: keeping a study/life balance and allowing myself time to rest; determining the objective of each class so I can base my study around that; and making sure to reward myself when I complete the lesson objectives, of course!”

The future is bright for Ly. When she graduates in a few years she will apply for an internship to get more experience, on her way to becoming a specialist.

Ly lives by the mantra: “Follow your passion, and success will follow you”. Her advice for future university students: “Be passionate and you will always be able to achieve good things. That, and make sure you study!”

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