Hmong sisters trapped in forced marriages, on the same street

June 7, 2019

“Phuong” and her family belong to the Hmong ethnic community, and live in the far north of Vietnam. When Phuong was 16 years old she met a man online. They became close friends, meeting up face-to-face and forming a relationship.

In Hmong communities it is the custom to get married at a young age. Phuong thought this man was the one. So one day when he asked her to travel to meet him, she agreed. But Phuong felt a little bit nervous, and she told her younger sister “Uyen”.

Uyen decided to support her older sister by going with her. But when they arrived, the man drove them the short distance over the Chinese border and sold them into forced marriages.

Years passed. They both desperately missed their family. Luckily they were living on the same street in their new neighbourhood. But their “husbands” kept a very close eye on them for fear that they would run away.

After a long time the families gave them access to a mobile phone. Phuong immediately contacted her friend who is a survivor of human trafficking. Her friend told her about Blue Dragon, and Phuong called for help.

Blue Dragon set in motion a rescue mission, brought the sisters back to Vietnam and reunited them with their family.

On the drive back home the car was silent as the sisters reflected on the past three years of their lives. They are both so happy to be back home and surrounded by family.

We rely on support from people just like you to rescue girls who have been trafficked and sold into slavery.

Right now, we’re running our annual Rescue Appeal. Your donation will free more women and children, like Phuong and Uyen, who are still trapped in slavery and waiting for someone to come.

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