Home safe after 5 years

November 3, 2015

Blue Dragon has rescued ‘Lan’, a 20 year old girl, who was trapped 1,600 kilometres away in a brothel in China. She was trafficked 5 years ago. Her ordeal is too painful to talk about.

It took us nearly a month to find and rescue ‘Lan’ with the help of Chinese and Vietnamese police. Last week, she crossed the border officially and stepped into Vietnam after five years in China. No more being resold, tortured and enslaved.

‘Lan’ is deeply traumatized and will need considerable support after her 5-year ordeal. Our psychologist is accompanying her home on a very long journey. When she arrives, she will begin the hard task of making statements to the local police so her traffickers can be prosecuted. As ‘Lan’ was resold time and again, there are many traffickers to find.  The police will be dedicated in their investigation.  Blue Dragon will be assisting Lan at every step.

Celebrate with us!

Celebrate with us!

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