Troubling Human Trafficking Trends in Southeast Asia

November 10, 2023

In recent months, the number of human trafficking victims Blue Dragon has rescued has been on the rise. Two particularly troubling trends are playing significant roles in this increase. 

The first relates to northern Myanmar, where most of our current rescues are taking place. In this region, fierce fighting is taking place between Myanmar’s military and various rebel groups. 

Even without conflict, the area is a hotbed for human trafficking. With this conflict, we’re receiving more calls from victims asking for urgent help. But it’s not only the frequency on the rise; victims are facing escalating levels of life-threatening violence. Trapped in slavery and a conflict zone, escape has become even more challenging. 

The second troubling development is something we’re often asked about but have dealt with very rarely in 20 years of working in human trafficking. Sadly, Blue Dragon has credible information that traffickers are harvesting human organs from their victims. Some of these people are being trafficked specifically for their organs. For others this horrifying exploitation is taking place after the victim has been sold for other purposes.

After this appalling violation, victims are left either with chronic debilitating illness or dead.

A Vietnamese mother hugging her daughter

A mother hugs her daughter, who fell victim to human trafficking

Despite a spiraling military conflict and the rising incidence of organ trafficking, in addition to the existing growth in human trafficking for online scamming and brothels, Blue Dragon is continuing to answer every call for help we receive, thanks to the support of people like you.  

Michael Brosowski, Blue Dragon’s founder, is concerned but not without hope: “Even though this new situation is deeply worrying, here at Blue Dragon we are not feeling overwhelmed. The needs are many but so are the solutions. We know that we can get help to people who urgently need it. And we know that our long-term work of preventing human trafficking will continue to yield positive results over time. But we do need your help to keep going.”

That’s why Blue Dragon is asking our friends around the world to give a one time, year-end donation to rescue people from human trafficking and to provide the care that they need once they are safely home. 

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Celebrate with us!

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