I Love Yeu: How Patience, Sincerity and Belief Help Children Thrive

July 4, 2024

“Blue Dragon believes that every child has their own talents. What they need is someone who believes in them.”

This June, Blue Dragon kids showed off their artwork at a special exhibition run by our friends Picenza in Hanoi. Blue Dragon’s instructions for the children boiled down to one simple piece of encouragement: we believe in you.

The event, called I love yeu, was a huge success. “Yeu” is the Vietnamese word for “love,” and the children got fully on board by pouring their hearts into every brushstroke. Hundreds of community members showed up to admire the beautiful paintings on display, and some children were even moved to tears by the experience.

Blue Dragon kids had plenty of arts and crafts to play with at the event

On the final day of the exhibition, members of the Blue Dragon team attended a talk show to shed light on how we help children to grow, thrive and reach their potential.

“We use many different methods,” says Khoa, a social worker. “But there is one thing in common: sincerity. Since street kids are very sensitive, they can feel who sincerely cares about them. Whatever method that we use, it should go with sincerity.”

Khoa also stressed the importance of patience. Many children we work with require ongoing support through many ups and downs, and it’s important for them to know that Blue Dragon is there for them through it all. 

“In reality, not every story is as easy as it seems. The kids might get support to go back to school, but then they might get into a fight at school, or even leave school. In these cases, we’ll need to work with the kid, their families and the school to solve all the problems. It requires a lot of PATIENCE, a very huge amount of it as things will not be solved in a couple of months, but may take a whole lot of time more than that.”

It’s always a good time to encourage creativity!

However long it takes, Blue Dragon never gives up on children who need our help. Even after they grow up and learn to stand on their own two feet, we never stop believing in them. The success of the children’s first art exhibition shows just how far they can go.


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