Interview with Debbie

June 15, 2016

DebbieHearing about Blue Dragon by chance, Debbie has been a long time friend and supporter of Blue Dragon. In this issue, she shares some thoughts about what makes her heart sing.

1) How long have you known Blue Dragon, and how did you hear about Blue Dragon?

I heard about Blue Dragon before we went to Vietnam in 2012. We like a bargain as much as anyone else and thought of cheap clothes and handbags was exciting. But I know that if you don’t pay the price for something someone else is paying that price, and I didn’t want the thought of buying slave labour on my conscience. I came across Michael’s work with Blue Dragon and was intrigued. (as a side note, we just didn’t buy anything when we were there and spent all our money on delicious food, Vietnam taught us that there is very little you actually “need”.)

2) What are the activities you have undertaken to support Blue Dragon?

I talk!!  I have talked at women’s gatherings, churches, on local radio, at a movie my work organised, I talked to people at a car boot sale my friends contributed to… Most people want to do good and support a worthwhile cause. They just don’t know that they can make a difference. When you tell them the work our team is doing and give them the opportunity to connect with something bigger than themselves they are happy to get involved. Giving kids an opportunity to live a free and fulfilling life where they can contribute… what better cause is there than that.

3) Why do you give your time to do these things?

I believe the only thing we get to leave in this world is the impact that we have on other people’s lives. I want that impact to be one that has changed the world for good. And as it is said “if you change one little part of the world, you have changed the world”. There is so much horror and negativity around, the good news stories and smiling faces I get to see through Blue Dragon brighten my world and help my heart to sing.

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