Podcast: Travel Tips and How to Spot Trafficking

February 26, 2024

This month, Blue Dragon’s Kim Miller was invited onto the What About Vietnam podcast for a conversation with host Kerry Newsome.


As well as some lighthearted travel tips, the pair discussed the more serious matter of human trafficking in Vietnam.

In this insightful episode, Kim and Kerry explore Vietnam’s fight against human trafficking. Kim also shares her firsthand experiences and deep affection for the country. 

But this conversation isn’t simply about raising awareness. As an expert in training people in anti-trafficking, Kim is well equipped to educate listeners with some practical guidance on recognising and responding to potential trafficking situations.

Beyond her insightful commentary, Kim talks about her bold ambition to raise $200,000 for Blue Dragon’s vital community initiatives by swimming the English Channel this July. Join us in supporting this incredible endeavour.

To hear more about Kim’s monster English Channel challenge from a swimming perspective, take a listen to her being interviewed by Shannon House Keegan on the Marathon Swim Stories Podcast. 

To support Kim’s fundraising for Blue Dragon’s anti-trafficking initiatives directly, visit her fundraising page.


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