Rescued in the nick of time

November 29, 2016

‘Trang’ was torn. She is a single mother caring for a child who has bone cancer. She desperately needed to treat her child but could not find the means to do so. When a woman spoke to her about marrying a Chinese man so she could have some money for the treatment, she agreed.  However, on the bus ride to the border, she found that she could not go through with the plan. She sobbed, and left the bus. The trafficker then tried to pull her into a taxi to travel to China, but Trang resisted. She was aided by the bus driver who took pity on this young woman who was crying throughout most of the journey. It was then that Blue Dragon was alerted to her case. Blue Dragon helped return her to Hanoi and make statements to the police. She was then reunited with her child.

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