Survivor set free after 5 months in slavery

January 25, 2018

One of the most dehumanizing things about human trafficking is that traffickers will do anything to gain their victims’ trust.

Contacted by a friend who told her how great life would be in China, “Linh” was thrilled to hear that she could have a good job there. Her friend ensured her about the endless possibilities, and was so kind to help Linh get her passport and visa.

When they arrived in the foreign city, 2,300km from her home, Linh could not be more excited. But once there, she was sold to a Chinese man whose wife had run away from him. Linh was locked in his house and beaten whenever she refused to ‘serve’ him.

Her chance of escape came when she was allowed to use a mobile phone. Linh secretly contacted her family in Vietnam for help. When word came to Blue Dragon, we made a plan to rescue her.

Linh is now resting and recovering in the care of Blue Dragon. And while we take care of her physical and psychological needs, we will also be working with police to ensure the person who trafficked her is brought to justice.

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