Teen boy returns home after months working on the street

April 6, 2018

After his father passed away, ‘Quang’ lived with many hardships. Eventually the 14 year old boy decided to leave his remote village in central Vietnam and travel to Hanoi, where he hoped to earn money to support his struggling family.

In Hanoi, Quang was selling chewing-gum on the streets day and night. He lived with other kids doing the same thing, working for a ‘boss’ who protected them but took a cut of their income.

Blue Dragon met Quang in January, and it has taken us time to gain his trust. But this week, we were pleased to take Quang home to be with his family and helped him return to school.

There are still difficult days ahead for Quang, but Blue Dragon will be with him every step of the way from now on.

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