Three girls are freed

September 23, 2015

After a week-long operation in China, Blue Dragon’s Rescue Team has brought home to Vietnam three trafficked women who were sold into forced marriages.

“Nga” from Sapa was trafficked four years ago, aged 16, by her neighbour. Her family had heard nothing from her and believed she was dead. Fortunately, through our channels, Blue Dragon was able to locate “Nga” and bring her back to the border.

The other two women, aged 20 and 31, managed to run away from their “husbands” and contacted Blue Dragon. With help from the Chinese police, the girls were moved to a safe place. But rescues are often complicated and it took some time, and a lot of paperwork, before we could bring them home.

All three are safely back in Vietnam and working with Mong Cai police to help arrest the traffickers. They are very much looking forward to getting home and starting new lives.

Celebrate with us!

Celebrate with us!

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