Trafficker caught in the act of selling 11th victim

May 24, 2016

‘Trang’, 24, was rescued in the nick of time by Blue Dragon. She had no idea she was about to be sold by her so-called friend. Trang had gone to China to work in a factory. She was lonely and did not think twice when another Vietnamese woman befriended her. Trang visited this woman’s home for over a year, having meals with the woman’s husband and little child. She had no idea that her ‘friend’ was a trafficker who had already sold 10 girls! Luckily for Trang, this trafficker was being monitored. The rescue team posed as a buyer. Imagine Trang’s surprise when her ‘friend’ was arrested at an outing which had been planned to exchange Trang for cash. Trang only believed that her ‘good friend’ was a trafficker when she saw with her very own eyes the mobile phone messages detailing the asking price for her, and her photo. The trafficker will be brought to justice and Blue Dragon will be representing Trang, and another girl also rescued by Blue Dragon who had been sold by the same trafficker earlier.

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