Trafficking survivor awarded ‘Certificate of Merit’ & Prize

June 3, 2017
‘Thai’ was trafficked and trapped for an entire year. He earned just 12 cents an hour in a sweatshop. His parents thought they had done the right thing to send him to a school in Ho Chi Minh City, and to do some extra work. They are a very poor family, living in a house with no windows, no table, and only one bed for all the family to share. Instead of school, Thai ended up working for 15 hours every day. Blue Dragon rescued and helped Thai to return to school.
Thai’s efforts to catch up with his classmates have paid off. He was just awarded a ‘Certificate of Merit’ by his school for his good results, and Blue Dragon staff in central Vietnam bought a little gift to reward him for his hard work.
You can read more of his story here.
#BeAHero and give kids like Thai a new life. with link to our rescue page.
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