Travel restrictions due to coronavirus force suspension of Blue Dragon’s rescue operations

February 3, 2020

Blue Dragon has temporarily suspended rescue operations of human trafficking survivors from China, as the current restrictions to travel within and from China prevent our rescue team from conducting operations as usual.

The restrictions are part of several measures taken to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus originating in China, with which Vietnam shares over 1,200 kilometres of land border.

As part of this prevention plan, schools in Hanoi and other Vietnamese cities will be closed until February 9.

Blue Dragon will continue caring for children in crisis

Blue Dragon’s rescue work will resume as soon as the restrictions are lifted. In the meantime, our work in Vietnam to provide exceptional care to children in crisis carries on as usual.

On the legal front, Blue Dragon will use this pause to work on child sexual abuse cases and prosecutions of traffickers.

Regarding the children and families we support in Hanoi, services will continue at Dragon House and our shelters. Social workers and psychologists will remain available for the children, teenagers and families who need Blue Dragon’s support.

In order to ensure the safety of the children and of our staff, Blue Dragon has implemented a set of prevention measures in all our centres based on World Health Organization guidelines.

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